Behind The Purdah


Behind The Purdah

I am a woman like any another,
Young and full of desires,
With the urge to live life to its fullest,
I want to be as free as a bird,
Who wishes to fly high in skies,
Swim like that jovial dolphin,
Prancing with the roaring waves,
And discover the colours of life,

I am a woman of few words and glances,
But many endless desires
You think I am imprisoned in black,
You think I cry with inferiority complexes,
But your so wrong O’ wayfarer,

Behind the purdah,
Is a woman who hopes to conquer this world,
With the power of her pen,
Although people ridicule her talent,
she holds firm faith in being patient,
The way she uses the pen,
That sharp sword of words awakening your rooh.
So don’t under estimate this black cloak,
It is far powerful than you can ever imagine.
There have been tales of my disgrace,
by those who failed to realise its value,
I have heard the wise Bulbul,
Singing songs of joy and hope,
She’s praising the purdah and its tales.
Several tears reside behind this veil,
yet a ray of light exists,

One day you will see me fly in the skies,
And the black ink of the pen flowing like that of my purdah
writing in the skies, bold words of wisdom,
till then I am patient and praying everyday…

Behind the purdah, is a story of a woman, living behind the veil and writing it…


Glossary words:
Purdah- Muslim veil also known as Niqab or Burkha.


3 thoughts on “Behind The Purdah

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  1. This is a nice one! I remember reading this poem somewhere in the net a few years ago. Beautiful isn’t it? Thank you to the person who wrote it. The poem really makes me feel humble and proud of my purdah.

  2. Iya, sungguh indah puisi ini.

    ‘The poem really makes me feel humble and proud of my purdah.’

    Me too.

  3. i am young woman….free style before…..but i already wear veil just as any muslimah in malaysia..lately…..i really curious about niqab….n i really excited to know about niqab/purdah…..
    please help me….i wna know if wearing purdah is needed to women,…why everybody just ignore that…..tolonglah saya,…sy buntu….sy teringin pakai purdah jika itu adalah kewajipan, ingin masuk jannah Allah….tapi dimalaysia….ustazah sendiri tidak pakai purdah,….so keluarga dan suami sy menghalang sy pakai purdah…..mungkin kerana saya agak slumber n rock sebelum ne…mereka rasa saya x mampu galas tanggungjwb seorg pemakai purdah….jika itu boleh menyekat dosa dr terus berkembang, sanggup sbb sy mmg banyak dosa sebelum ne….saya benar2 buntu2… nak tahu kehidupan pemakai purdah di malaysia….macamana….sesiapa yg bleh jelaskan sila email sy di….bantu lah saya mencari jalan menuju jannah Allah…sebelum sy menutup mata ini…wassalam…

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